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Annual Operation Working Conference of 2010 2010.3.1
Datetime: 2010/8/17 9:18:51
    The annual operation working conference of 2010 was convened in the conference room on the secondary floor of Du-hope building at 9:00, 27th Feb., 2010. Mr. Xie Tao, the Chairman and General Manager, held the meeting, and all the middle-level above cadre and the senior officials attended the meeting on time. Each department manager reported and communicated the business performance of 2009 firstly. Someone analyzed the experiences and problems during the operating procedure; others focused on the operating thinking and planning in the next year. Leaders all commented on their own departmental working, and put forward some pertinent advices. At the meeting, all the people attended were formed a common belief: At present, the world's economy didn抰 totally recover. Under such situation, the simple trade-oriented enterprises would face to the predicament: 搉o rice for cook". To pioneer and innovate, to exploit new operating channels and methods and to assemble company抯 resources is the first priority to us, and is also the foundation of our company抯 continuous development. After summarizing the 2009抯 achievements, Chairman Xie pointed out: some departments which had more portfolios not because they had good luck, they also met lots of difficulties and risks. They dared to face the difficulties and risks and used correct measures to solve the problems. They focused on strategy and technique, but never obviated contradictions, and have many innovative ways to head off dangers. On the other hand, they were provided with professional knowledge, could forecast and have a better insight about our operation trends and hidden crisis. Consequently, we can see all succeeds would not come true by accident, we need to choose right orientation, to choose right work manner and adopt manage strategy changefully. Chairman Xie hopes everyone can learning seriously and getting experience from the year 2009, then focus on the operation work, to find out the problems we had but not be jealous, learn from others and make use of the experiences for ourselves.
    Conference progressed in enthusiastic and heart-stirring ambience, and all the department principals and company leaders analyzed and discussed the problems existed in our mechanism, the market position we are facing, the next arrange and inside refined management. At last, Chairman Xie summarized everybody抯 talk and required some important working details in the year 2010. The foreign trade management position still austerity in 2010, also the corporation development. So we must prepare for overcome all the difficulties, through double effort, grasp the nettle and try our best to achieve the all-year target. We should pay attention to these 7 points in the particular working: 1. Must unified our thinking, recognize position and have firmly confidence for achieve the target. 2. We should focus on consolidating the main business, trying hard to grasping order and protecting our market. Restructure the three major resources: capital, operation and industry. Adjust and optimize the structure, tamp the base of progress. 3. We need step out to bring up new source of proceeds, try to make breakthrough about our coal-working in this year. 4. Strengthen management, training internal work, buildup the capacity to defend and control risks. Especially the beforehand control, we should put an end to add new mint risks, and hold back arises of losing. 5. Keep on grasp learning and practice activities, promote the harmonious development of the company. 6. Impulse and deepen the reform of foreign trading system, mobilize the enthusiasm of carve out in reliable, make the individual development and company抯 development in one whole. 7. Enhance to building our enterprise culture. From various aspects of policy to building our enterprise culture, make all our staff have a common ideal, common target and common values. Make the enterprise culture really become one of the core competences of Du-hope international group.