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2009 Summarizing and Commending Conference 2010.2.6
Datetime: 2010/8/16 17:10:03

    In the afternoon of Feb. 5th, 2010, the 2009 summarizing and commending conference was held in the conference room on the 16th floor of Du-hope building. More than 100 people attended the conference, including the leadership and staff representative from both the headquarters and subsidiary companies. Deputy General Manager Cao Tianchen held the meeting.
    Firstly, Chairman Xie Tao summarized last year抯 work. 2009 was an extraordinary year for our company. We had stood the test of international financial crisis and got our best business results since last year under the directorate抯 leading and by all of our leaders and staff with hard work. In 2009, our total value of import and export reached 262.58 million US dollars, an increase of 6.67 percent over the same period of previous year. While at the situation that China抯 total value of domestic export decreased 16 percent over the year 2008, we can see our export value reached 237.45 million US dollars and increased 14.4 percent over the last year, was the only one professional foreign-trade company which has such remarkable increase of export value. Our total profit also had a substantial increase by 169.8 percent over last year. The dimension and benefit both hit record. These achievements established a firm basis about spirit and substance for our company to overcome the finance crisis and retained healthy growth.
     On the other hand, Chairman Xie made some important instructions for the 2010抯 work: 2010 will be the most important year of company抯 growing. We should focus on consolidating the main business, trying hard to grasp order and protecting our market. We need to restructure the three major resources of capital, operation and industry. Adjusting and optimizing the structure, tamping the base of progress. We also need to step out bringing up new source of proceeds, and exert ourselves to enhance self-innovation capability and optimization of the productive structure. At last, Chairman Xie Tao required all of us: we should make correct treatment of our brilliant results achieved in 2009, and need more condescension, go ahead steadily and surely, ready to meet the greater challenges in the future. He also believed we could certainly achieve the annual target by all of our leaders?guidance and all the staff with endeavor together.
     At the end of conference, we commended the departments and individuals who had made outstanding contribution to the company.
    Chairman Xie Tao awarded the Prima Outstanding Staff Award to Meng Xianghua (Dept. of Trade Development).

     Deputy General Manager Wang Ning awarded the Secondary Outstanding Staff Award to Zhu Bin (Dept. of Medicines and Health Products Ⅳ).

     Deputy General Manager Yuan Dongsheng awarded the Secondary Outstanding Staff Award to You Lijun(Dept.Machinery Ⅰ).

     Deputy General Manager Pan Zhe awarded the Secondary Outstanding Staff Award to Ma Xiaoli (Dept. of Chemicals, Medicines and Health Products).