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Summarizing and Commending Conference of 2008
Datetime: 2009/3/3 14:45:50

In the afternoon of Jan 23, 2009, the 2008 summarizing and commending conference was held in the conference room on the 16th floor of Du-Hope Building. All staff in the headquarters and members in independent units, all together more than 200 people, attended the conference.

Chairman Xie Tao delivered a report on behalf of the company board. In the year of 2008, which is critical to the sustainable development of our group, with the support of higher authorities, the company board led all the staff to finish every task set at the beginning of 2008. In 2008, sales revenue of our group reached 1.42 billion RMB; total value of import and export reached 246.32 million US dollars, among which the export turnover value was 213.97 million US dollars and the import value was 32.35 million US dollars. Our total profit increased by 11 percent over the same period of last year and ROE reached 27 percent, a year-on-year increase of two percentage points. These achievements indicate that we have increased our business benefits and improved our capacity to realize sustainable development of our group. The achievements also prove the capacity of Du-Hope people, the strength of Du-Hope International Group and the excellent and tough team of Du-Hope International Group. On the conference, chairman Xie reviewed the main work of last year:

l       Firstly, consolidating the main business.
With restructuring as the mainline, we persisted in developing the main business. As a result, the export volume of traditional products increased on the whole.

l       Secondly, striving to extend the industry chain of the main business and to construct the processing base, trying to change the long-term passive situation that we export products made from imported raw materials, and gradually enhancing the core competitive strength of the main business.
The extension of the industry chain and construction of the processing base are significant to the export of main products, expansion of the domestic market, and sustainable development of key products.

l       Thirdly, enhancing our capacity to operate assets and actively expanding financial channels to satisfy the need of project implementation and strategic development of the group.
We actively explored new methods of purchasing credit insurance and multi-currency settlement to reduce risks and losses caused by the fluctuation of exchange rate.

l         Fourthly, enriching our enterprise culture.
By conceiving the prospect of our enterprise, we get staff members together so that they build their careers, grow, and develop together with our group; by holding various trainings, we improved the comprehensive quality and culture of all staff members so that the sustainable development of our group was promoted.    

Chairman Xie emphasized in the report that although we made stable progress in the past year, we still needed to be prepared for adversity and should never swell with pride and rest on the achievements. In the urgent situation, we cannot passively wait and hang back. Instead, we must try hard and improve our capacity to prepare for future development. In 2009, we must be aware of crisis and not be blindly optimistic; we must set up consciousness of innovation. The work method, operation mode, motivation system, and management mode require innovation. In addition, led by the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress, we need to do all the work with innovative spirit in 2009.

In the end, chairman Xie read the Decision of Honoring Departments and Individuals that Made Outstanding Contribution to the Group Development in 2008. Then, awards were delivered by Chairman Xie Tao, deputy general manager Wang Ning, deputy general manager Sun Jian, deputy general manager Yuan Dongsheng, and deputy general manager Pan Zhe.