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Company News in 2008
Datetime: 2008/11/6 13:42:39
1. Company held 2007 summing-up honoring meeting.
On Jan-25th, 2008 all staff enjoyed a happy get-together in Mingshan Garden Hotel in Suzhou, solemnly holding company 2007 summing-up honoring meeting. Chairman Mr Xie Tao summarized 2007抯 work and manoeuvrized the tasks for 2008. During the meeting, Mr Xie Tao pointed that we achieved good business results created by all our leaders and staff with union and hard work which were confirmed by superior leaders and shareholders in 2007. Mr Xie Tao representing all leaders showed grateful gratitude to all staff and stated that with all our great efforts, we must overcome difficulties, accomplish this year抯 business tasks, achieve new development and create new epoch. Finally, Mr Xie Tao expressed new year抯 blessings, wishing all staff good luck, health and all the best in coming new year.
2. Company paid taxes legally during 2007, local tax payment ranking 196 in Nanjing.
During 2007 our company continued with strict financial management system, seriously fulfilling tax liability, paying taxes completely and timely, and contributed its efforts to build social credit system, to promote development of socialist market economy and to drive a well杘ff society in an all-round way. In 2007, the total local tax paid by our company ranking 196 in Nanjing.
3. Continuing with year 2004, our company was still awarded VIP client by China Credit Insurance Corporation.
4. Company held the 5th general meeting of shareholders.
According to company law of the People's Republic of China, on Feb-18th, 2008, company held the 5th general meeting of shareholders. The agenda: (1) adopting regulations (2) electing board members (3) electing board of supervisors. According to company law, 97.78% shareholders passed 揘anjing Du-Hope Group Company Regulations? and elected the second board members and board of supervisors according to 揵oard members and board of supervisors electing rule?
5. Warmly congratulating the founding of 揦injiang Du-Hope Real Estate Development Co., Ltd?registered officially on Jan-8th, 2008 which was funded by our company.
It is a subsidiary company for enterprise pluralism, mainly engaging in exploitation of real estate, operation of real estate and project contractor. Its founding symbolized our company changing from a single foreign trade company to a synthesizing international trade group with manufacturing, trading and logistics. At present, Xinjiang Du-Hope Real Estate Development Co., Ltd started real estate developmental item in Xinjiang.
6.Warmly congratulating the founding of 揦injiang Du-Better International Trade Co., Ltd?registered officially on Mar-28th, 2008 which was funded by our company.
Mainly operating import and export of goods and techniques; hardware; minerals; building material; mechanical and electrical products; metallic materials; mechanical equipment; auto decoration products; products of chemical industry; articles of daily use; costumes; computers and so forth.
7. Warmly congratulating Ms Teng Xing and Ms Liu Ming from financial dept. for their prized papers.
Ms Teng Xing and Ms Liu Ming with their papers from financial dept. won the first, second and third prizes during 2007 accounting paper of Committee of Economic Trade for Foreign Countries Jiangsu province, and one of the papers won the third prize in east China. The papers were released on company抯 net forum for staff to learn and communicate. Hope more staff learn professional knowledge with great concentration in their spare time, make use of any way and form to put knowledge into practice and promote working ability and theory level and hope in the future more and more staff offer good paper.
8. Once a year抯 staff traveling began.
In order to further enrich and activize staff抯 cultural life, promote staff抯 sound mind and body and strengthen staff抯 sense of pride, year 2007抯 staff traveling formally began from May-15th. This year company union separately organized staff to Hainan in May and Beijing in July. About 90% staff took part in this activity. Each year抯 traveling is one of the most effective ways for staff to reinforce communication, to promote enterprise抯 cohesion, and to enrich enterprise抯 cultural life. Staff hope company can keep this activity on.
9. 揥hen disaster struck, help came from all sides.?Facing the disaster, Du-Hope staff actively contributed their love to distress area people.
On May-12th, a gravely earthquake disaster happened in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province.  Facing the disaster, all staff under the leadership of managers quickly organized to launch the activity of denoting money for earthquake proof. Political party members and group members voluntarily contributed special fees.
10. Classes of <<Enterprise Economy Management>> officially began.
In order to raise staff抯 overall inner quality and working skill, company recommended classes of 揇u-Hope Group Enterprise Economy Management?/STRONG> with Nanjing Normal University, covering Strategies, Economy, Team Construction, Organization Management, Marketing and Enterprise Culture and so forth. 55 staff in total attended this term learning.
Am9:00 May 31st, 2008, Du-Hope Group Enterprise Economy Management class officially held solemnly inauguration ceremony in Nanshan Expert Building in Nanjing Normal University, attending leaders including: Chairman Mr Xie Tao from Du-Hope Group, vice dean Mr Yangzhongjun from Institute of Commerce, Nanjing Normal University and training center director Mr  Wangchangzhi also from Institute of Commerce, Nanjing Normal University. And first class began on May 31 st.
11. Company successfully passed 2008抯 ISO9002 Quality System external supervised examination and verification.
Am8:30 Sep-28th, 2008, company ushered in 2008抯 ISO9002 Quality System external supervised examination and verification. China Quality Authentication Center sent two syndics from analyzing and judging center of Jiangsu province to sample and supervise 5 departments for analyzing and judging. The outcome showed that each department抯 quality management system was carried well, each key factor and link was controlled properly and system running was good which gained syndics?good impression. The good outcome was inseparable with each department抯 leader抯 strict requirement and department抯 staff抯 operating properly, and carrying out provisions carefully. Mr Xie Tao required staff to go on to strictly carry out company抯 each provision and standard. This supervision pointed one mismatch condition, that was, not specified on 揑nvestigation of Customers?Degree of Satisfaction? Analyzing and judging leaders kindly advised we could generalize and depict the attending of Canton Fair and investigation trip abroad.
12. Company held the 6th general meeting of shareholders.
Pm 3:00 Sep-26th, 2008, company held the 6th general meeting of shareholders on the second floor of company.
Shareholders listened carefully to Mr Xie Tao抯 <<2007 company抯 report about the financial final account and the allocation of profits>> and the illustration of company抯 operating status, financial status and allocation of profits proposal.
According to company regulations, the meeting抯 result was that 97% interests passed the final account.